Meet L.A. Laser Spa Founder Amber Reyes

L.A. Laser Spa is The 2022 Best Laser Spa Of The Year

Amber Reyes-Morris embodies what a successful businesswoman in 2022 represents. Opening her first two laser spas in Maui and Oahu, Reyes-Morris is the Founder and CEO of The award-winning LA Laser LV, a boutique-style laser spa in Las Vegas. “I am so blessed that my love for skincare has evolved into such an incredible business! We are thrilled to announce we are working on franchise opportunities in other major cities across the country as well. I am very grateful.”

Although some may describe Reyes-Morris as living a real-life fairy tale, it wasn’t always private jets and exotic islands. As a young girl raised on a small island in Hawaii, she learned that going after opportunities would ultimately set her apart. With dreams of always being in the beauty industry, she knew it would take more than hard work; Reyes-Morris faced challenges that only elevated her to successfully opening 3 locations for the LA Laser umbrella. “We were the very first spa to create memberships for our clients. Our customers would ask for finance options, and because I truly cared about them, I wanted to offer ways to experience our services. Because of this, we now have some of the most loyal clients in the city.” Reyes-Morris says. LA Laser LV is also known for the original “Fancy Fridays Botox and Bubbles” celebrations, offering VIP services, discounts, and a chance to mingle with the ladies who make LA Laser LV fabulous!

Swanky and stylish, LA Laser always welcomes customers with a friendly and highly educated staff. LA Laser LVs services include tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, booty facials, skin tightening, and so much more. ‘Tis the season for flawless skin!!

Amber Reyes Is One Of Deluxe Version Magazine’s 2022

Top Twenty Women Of The Year

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